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Know when to replace your windows or doors

Your heating bills creep up may be a sign to replace your windows or doors

If your heating bills are getting a bit higher than they normally would be it could be because your home is becoming less energy efficient and this more often than not is down to the efficiency of your doors and windows. We have posted some top tips and 3 best hacks on this topic before but they might not be enough and you may need to replace your windows or doors!

You can feel draughts around the frames

If you are feeling draughts around the frames, then this could mean that the seals are beginning to fail, and you may need to replace your windows or doors.

If there is condensation in-between the panes of your window glass

Desiccant is used in-between the double-glazing panels to absorb the natural moisture that occurs between the panes keeping the unit fog-free. If the seal deteriorates, then you would start seeing moisture there. If you see this then this is a good indication that you need to update your windows. If you have condensation on the outside take a look at our post on why this happens.

You can hear a lot of noise from outside

If you begin to hear a lot more noise coming from outside when there shouldn’t really be this could be because you need to change your windows or doors or both.

Your windows or doors won’t close properly

If your windows or doors don’t close properly this could be because the frame or mechanisms are compromised. This not only makes your house a lot less energy efficient but could potentially be a safety issue.

The frames are looking worse for wear

If the frames around the windows and doors are looking a bit dishevelled, perhaps they have cracks or are yellowing then this is a good sign that you need to update them. If they are timber they may be rotten, and if they are PvC they could be made from inferior quality plastic.

The solution is to know when to replace your window or doors

Keswick Superglaze can offer a FREE quotation for PvC or aluminium windows/doors. We offer fantastic guarantees which we always honour. We are a family firm trading for over 40 years so we are here to stay for the long haul.

Don’t be taken in by offers of a ‘Free upgrade to triple glazing’ – our double glazing is more energy efficient and sound insulating than the free triple. Ask a representative about our ARMOUR PANE glass to really cut out unwanted noise!

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