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Secure and Efficient Composite Doors Designed for Peak Performance

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The Original Composite Door

Keswick Superglaze is proud to be a trusted Rock Door installer, giving you the opportunity for exclusive upgrades including our enhanced harsh weather pack. Rockdoor, pioneers in composite door manufacturing since 1996, were developed to address increasing burglaries linked to the use of cheaper entrance doors. 

These doors are not only affordable but also boast remarkable durability and security, excellent thermal efficiency, minimal maintenance, and resistance to severe weather, making them a long-standing favourite among our customers. Their superior features make them an excellent choice for any home, providing peace of mind and comfort.

Upgrade Your Home's Curb Appeal with a Keswick Superglaze Composite Front Door

Choosing Keswick Superglaze's composite front doors enhances your home's appearance and adds value to your property. Our installation process begins with a visit from an experienced fitter, ensuring the door perfectly matches your home's requirements, and advising on optimal sizes and styles. 

We fit composite doors in homes all around Cumbria, including Cockermouth, Workington, Whitehaven, Keswick, Egremont, Carlisle and more. Experience the difference high-quality craftsmanship and a personalised approach make.

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  • Design Your Dream Door and Let Us Do the Rest

    With our Build-A-Door tool, you have the power to create a bespoke composite door that perfectly suits your taste and needs. Choose from a wide array of styles, glazing options, and a variety of captivating colours to craft the door you've always wanted. 

  • What Makes Our Composite Doors So Secure?

    Our composite doors feature a reinforced inner frame that boasts a remarkable 60% increase in strength compared to standard composite doors. This exceptional strength not only fortifies your home but also ensures that our doors are impenetrable, resisting any attempts at forced entry or tampering, offering you peace of mind and protection.

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Grey Vermont Rockdoor composite front door, exterior view of a modern home.

Our Specially Designed Orthopaedic Composite Door

Keswick Superglaze has partnered with Rockdoor to introduce a purpose-built composite door featuring an orthopaedic lock for our customers in Cumbria. This innovative door is designed for ease of use, particularly for those with orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis, enabling operation with just a press of a button. It's a game-changer for individuals who find conventional PVC, composite, or timber doors challenging to use, offering independence and peace of mind. Using smart lock technology, the door can be monitored through a mobile app and by designated family members, enhancing both safety and security.

Contact us to learn more about how this door can transform your daily life.


Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about composite doors. If you have a question that's not listed, feel free to get in touch, and we'll be happy to provide the answers you're looking for.

Why You Should Choose a Keswick Superglaze Composite Door

  • Core Benefits
    Rockdoors inner strength is unsurpassed thanks to a combination of a 360° aluminium reinforced inner frame and high-density thermally efficient PU foam. Customers can also choose steel mesh reinforcing for the ultimate in security.
  • £2,000 Guarantee
    Rockdoors lock cylinders are burglar proof. A TSOO7 3 star rating, SS 312 Sold Secure Diamond Standard and Secured by Design accreditation see to that, plus our £2,000 security guarantee.
  • Forced Entry
    Rockdoors are designed for strength, it is in our DNA. For over 25 years, we have led the way in composite door development to ensure our doors protect homes and families from unwanted intruders and forced entry.
  • Hook up with Rockdoor
    Strong sintered steel multi point hook locks with a 25mm throw, securely attach the door to the frame to ensure it cannot be forcibly opened by burglars whilst ensuring a better sound and weatherproof seal.
  • Glass Leading Security
    Rockdoors feature S Glaze technology, meaning your glass is locked into your door for life, for added security. It also means no glazing cassettes are used which are prone to fading and discolouration.
  • Stronger, It's Official!
    Rockdoor is consistently found to be one of the most secure doors available in the UK, studies show that a Rockdoor is 35% stronger than a typical GRP door.
Design Your Dream Door
With our innovative Build a Door Tool, you can design a door as unique as you. Start designing your ideal door and bring your vision to life.
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