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Back garden of home extension, featuring an Ultraframe hup! extension, with brick walls and black window frames.

Ultraframe hup! Installations - The Future of Home Extensions in Cumbria

The Ultraframe hup! extension is a revolutionary solution for conservatories and warm roofs. With exceptional energy efficiency, quick installation time, and quality in design and construction, bespoke for your home, Ultraframe hup! technology is a game changer for home extensions in Cumbria.

Interior of a modern and stylish kitchen, featuring an island with a corner sofa and dining table, facing out to an Ultraframe hup! extension with patio doors.

Why Choose an Ultraframe hup! Extension?

Our hup! Installations harness advanced technology, using your existing conservatory base, eliminating the need for extensive groundwork. This means we can quickly begin transforming your space into a stunning, energy-efficient conservatory that enhances your home's value and becomes a place you'll love spending time in.

The installation process is not only quicker but also more environmentally friendly compared to traditional conservatory extensions. 

We prioritise sustainability, utilising construction processes and materials that are 60% more carbon-efficient in manufacturing compared to brick, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

The interior of a home with an Ultraframe hup! extension, showcasing modern, stylish furniture, including a living area with a sofa and a kitchen counter.

Seamless Process from Design to Completion

With our Ultraframe hup! extensions, the journey from concept to reality is seamless. Our comprehensive service eliminates the need for separate architects or structural calculations, providing an all-inclusive, stress-free experience for your home extension project.

Plus, with our Ultraframe hup! builder tool you can design your ideal extension, customising all of the details to suit your home's style. Give it a go - click the button below to start designing.

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Watch our Ultraframe hup! extension video to discover how our state-of-the-art hup! extensions are installed.

  • Design Your Dream Space with Our hup! Personaliser Tool

    Tailor your space to your unique space and tastes using our innovative Ultraframe hup! builder tool.

    Virtual mock up of an Ultraframe hup! extension on the back of a house, featuring a play room interior.
  • Upgrade Your Conservatory with Ultraframe hup!

    Transform your existing conservatory into a stunning, energy-efficient space with a hup! upgrade. Enhance your living space with superior thermal performance, a variety of custom design options, and a swift, eco-friendly installation process.

    Interior of a stylish kitchen with an Ultraframe hup! extension, built by Keswick Superglaze in Cumbria.
  • Discover our Solid Roof Conservatories

    Upgrading to a solid roof improves the style and value of your home whilst saving you money on your energy bills through superior insulation. Discover our traditional solid roof conservatories.

    A solid roof conservatory extension, with a black slate tiled roof, on a sunny day.
Interior of a stylish kitchen with an Ultraframe hup! extension, built by Keswick Superglaze in Cumbria.
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Interior of a modern and stylish kitchen featuring a happy couple sat on a corner sofa at a dinner table, with an Ultraframe hup! extension with wide, open patio doors looking out onto a garden.