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UPVC & Aluminum Window Casements

Window casements, whether made of UPVC or aluminum, can significantly enhance your home's aesthetic appeal and functionality. Both materials have their unique advantages which make them a popular choice among homeowners.

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Our Glazing Solutions

Every window and door from Keswick Superglaze comes standard with superior double glazing that outshines most in the market, even surpassing the performance of many competitors' triple glazing. Tailored to meet your specific needs, our offerings include:

  • Peak Thermal Efficiency: Our standard glass features a warm edge spacer bar, gas-filled cavity, and soft coating for optimal thermal efficiency, ensuring your home stays warm and your energy costs low.
  • UV Protection for Furnishings: To protect your interiors, we offer glass that blocks 99% of UV rays, significantly reducing furniture fading compared to the standard 50% protection of double and triple glazing.
  • Enhanced Sound Reduction: For homes near busy areas, our armour pane glass cuts down noise by up to 40% more than standard options, providing a tranquil living environment.
  • Superior Security: For heightened security, we offer an upgrade to Dekko-manufactured glass that surpasses the 'Secured by Design' police-approved standards, ensuring your home's safety is never compromised.

With Keswick Superglaze, you receive bespoke solutions that enhance your home's efficiency, comfort, and security, perfectly tailored to your preferences.