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Embrace the Traditional Style of Sash Windows

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Our sliding sash windows are designed to combine classic aesthetic appeal with modern performance. We use a timber alternative material that authentically replicates 19th-century timber designs. You can choose from Edwardian, Victorian, or Georgian sliding sash styles to find a design that perfectly matches your home.

Edwardian sliding sash window style
Edwardian Sliding Sash Window
Georgian sliding sash window style
Georgian Sliding Sash Window
Victorian sliding sash window style
Victorian Sliding Sash Window
  • Discover the Ultimate Sliding Sash Window

    Our Ultimate Window comes with standard upgrades like tilt-function for ease of cleaning, mechanical joints, and superior double glazing. Its slim midrail mimics timber windows, making it perfect for areas where only timber is permitted.

  • Experience the Allure of Heritage Sliding Sash Windows

    Our Heritage Window, a popular choice among sliding sashes, offers an exceptional look that can be upgraded to your specific needs. It includes many enhancements such as a tilt function for easy cleaning and white gaskets for a sleek finish.

    Heritage Sliding Sash Windows are designed to replicate traditional timber sash windows without the maintenance issues. The Heritage Rose variant even closely replicates the original features of traditional timber sash windows.

  • Charisma Sliding sash window

    The Charisma Window, popular for both new builds and renovation projects, delivers fantastic quality at an affordable price point. While it doesn't include certain upgrades, you have the option to add them on as per your needs.

    Enhance your space with our Charisma Window. It's quality within reach. Explore now!

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Our windows are available in 2 materials and styles

uPVC Sliding Sash Range

Our PVC Sliding Sash Window range is the most popular choice, offering three variations each with different upgrade options. This includes our new Ultimate Window, which closely resembles traditional timber.

Aluminium Range - The Solution for Listed Buildings

If you live in a listed building or face restrictions on changing your existing windows, our Aluminium  Range is an ideal choice. They also provide an added barrier against external noise.