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The Top 3 Home Hacks To Cut Your Energy Bills

Why do you need hacks to cut your energy bills?

Wondering why you need hacks to cut your energy bills?

Well unfortunately all good things have to come to an end, and by that we mean the summer. You may be wondering if we actually had one! As sporadic as the gloriously sunny days were those days are now sadly numbered, unless of course the ‘Hottest September On Record!’ headlines continue.

By October though we’ll be back to shorter days, street lamps lighting the paths home and central heating systems being fired up, possibly for the first time in months.

Naturally this means that our energy bills will be back on the rise whether we like it or not. Here at Keswick Superglaze we are always looking to help you reduce your bills and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top energy saving tips. These are sure to help your wallet in the colder months to come.

You can also look at switching your energy supplier which is often something in the news!

Check for draughts

The first (and easiest) place to start is to ensure that you aren’t letting the heating you’re paying for out of gaps in window and door frames. All too often the seals around your frames will wear and fail leaving you with a constant stream of cold air into your home.

To see if you have any gaps I would recommend casting your hand slowly around the edges of doors and windows throughout your home, you may find it helps to lick your finger (or run your hand under the tap) before doing this. If you can feel a breeze then you may be able to remedy yourself, however if you are not confident of fixing the issue yourself we are always here to help.

Even a very minor draught can cost you in excess of £40 a year. You may even find draughts coming up through gaps in your flooring so best to run your checks over any areas you suspect could be a problem.

Single glazing still at your property?

Although it is very uncommon nowadays to find a property fully fitted in single glazed windows, there are still a fair few residing in front / back doors and garages attached to the house.

A simple double glazed installation to these areas will ensure more of your money stays warm in your hands rather than be gobbled up by bills.

When it is only a couple of these smaller windows that need replacing, the turnaround is quick and painless with the benefits being felt immediately.

Is your conservatory letting you down?

Due to the large amounts of glass and the reduced insulation (compared to a brick built property) your conservatory can let the heat out when you don’t want it too.

Studies show that, like your home, the roof tends to be where the most heat is lost. This is why we have introduced a pioneering roofing range we call ‘Warm Roofs’.

As the name suggests these lightweight aluminium structures are vastly more energy efficient than a standard conservatory roof. Not only that, they look incredibly stylish too! They are a perfect way to seamlessly blend your conservatory with your home whilst keeping utility costs down at the same time.

You can find more info regarding the new ‘Warm Roof’ system here.

If the above ‘Top 3’ haven’t removed the chill from your home then check out our blog next month as we look at the other less common possibilities.

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