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Bespoke Shaped Windows for Every Design

Tailored to the unique requirements of each project, our bespoke windows ensure no idea is too ambitious.

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  • Shaping New Perspectives: Uniquely Yours

    Whether it's for aesthetic allure, enhancing natural light, or fitting an awkward space, our shaped windows blend seamlessly into your architectural vision. All while offering superior glazing with enhanced thermal efficiency and noise reduction.

    Large arched window with dark grey frames, in a modern and minimalist kitchen
  • Transform Your Commercial Space

    Elevate your business with our bespoke arched commercial windows. Click below to discover more about our customisable commercial glazing solutions.

    Large, arched windows in a commercial cafe setting.
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Arched window viewed from the exterior of a red brick building.

Arched or Curved Windows

Our arched and curved windows offer a timeless elegance, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. These windows not only serve as a visual centrepiece but also provide practical benefits such as increased natural light and enhanced energy efficiency.

Large, modern, gable end windows made from aluminium.

Gable End Windows

Gable End Windows are designed to maximise both the view and the influx of natural light, bringing a sense of openness and space. Their bespoke nature means they can be tailored to fit any gable end, complementing the architectural integrity of the building.

Ready to break free from the ordinary?
Trust Keswick Superglaze to expertly manage and install your bespoke shaped windows. Contact us to start your unique project.
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Large, modern living room with a unique porthole window in the ceiling.

Porthole and Circular Windows

Porthole and circular windows add a unique architectural feature to any property. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these windows offer the same high standards of thermal efficiency and noise reduction, crafted to your exact specifications.