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  • Large, arched windows in a commercial cafe setting.

Commercial Windows 

Innovative Commercial Aluminium Windows for Modern Spaces

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  • Transforming Commercial Spaces with Superior Glazing

    Our aluminium commercial glazing solutions are high-performing, and tailored to meet your specific needs. From versatile curtain wall systems to unique curved aluminium windows, our solutions are engineered for superior performance. 

    Made bespoke to meet the unique demands of each project, Keswick Superglaze delivers unparalleled thermal efficiency, durability, and style, ensuring every commercial space not only stands out but is also sustainable and energy-efficient

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Exterior of a commercial office high rise building with curtain wall.

Curtain Wall Systems

The pinnacle of commercial glazing solutions. Our curtain wall systems offer a sleek, customisable design that integrates seamlessly into any architectural style. Expertly engineered to meet and exceed building regulations for thermal performance, our curtain wall systems are incredibly energy efficient. With a focus on sustainability, the commercial window system enhances natural light whilst reducing energy costs.

Choose Keswick Superglaze to transform your commercial space, while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from sustainable, cost-effective design.



Large, arched aluminium windows in a modern office meeting room.

Arched and Shaped Windows for Commercial Spaces

Uplift your commercial space with Keswick Superglaze's arched or shaped windows. Each project is entirely bespoke, ensuring no shape is too peculiar or challenging for us to handle. We work with manufacturers who specialise in bending aluminium, guaranteeing a robust yet flexible design that seamlessly integrates into any architectural style.

Ideal for making a statement or enhancing the character of your building, our arched and shaped windows offer a classic aesthetic appeal without compromising on energy efficiency or durability.

Exterior of a commercial office high rise building with curtain wall.
Elevate Your Commercial Space
We've been transforming commercial properties in Cumbria for over 40 years. Click below to request a quote and receive a callback from our team.
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