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Reduce Your Heating Bills With Our Cheap, Quick Tips!

Why reduce your heating bills now?

Winter is coming and there’s nothing we can do to stop it… It may even feel that its arrived early a little early this year but never fear, our round up of tips to reduce your heating bills are here!

After the great response we got from last months blog post about cutting energy bills we were asked if we could focus specifically on heating bills. Ask and thou shalt receive!

Consider these our go to home hacks to ensure your heating bills are lowered and your comfort remains high this autumn and winter.

Even if you feel that your home is well insulated and retains heat well, don’t be fooled! There is always room for improvement and this little checklist has something for every property regardless of age, size or style.


Use what comes naturally

Even though the sunlight hours are starting to dwindle, don’t be a fool and close out all that natural light! Rays from the sun still bring warmth (and much needed Vitamin D) into your home even if its frosty outside. Throw open your curtains in rooms that benefit from direct sunlight and gently raise the temperature of your home for free. It couldn’t be easier or cheaper to do. Also have a look for anything that could be blocking light from coming in, an overgrown hedge or unruly tree. Trim accordingly to get the most benefit.

Lock it down

Lets face it, if you’re looking to keep heat in your home this winter you’re not going to be opening your windows anytime soon are you? Well take a minute out to ensure all your windows are firmly locked, not just closed! This makes a bigger difference than you might imagine. Generally when you lock your windows the bond between the weather seal and the frame gets that little bit tighter, eliminating costly draughts. Doing this early could save you a decent chunk of change, what are you waiting for? If you still find draughts pouring in you may have defective windows or need new ones. Speak to our team if you’re unsure.


That’s right Billy boy, b-b-b-ba-balloons. Chimney balloons to be precise! So simple and effective you’ll wonder why you’ve not already got one, or as many as you need really… A simple and easy to install balloon specifically made to block hot air rising up through your chimney and out into the wider world. They vary in size, price and quality so make sure you read the smaller print (and some reviews) when making your purchase. Once in your hands they are a doddle to implement and you’ll instantly feel the benefit. Not only will it keep the heat in but it’ll keep out any ‘chimney splatter’ you may get in your fireplace when it rains or snows. It will also eliminate the probability of a pigeon joining you in your living room when you least expect it. You should budget between £10 and £20 a balloon. Anymore and either you’ve got a massive chimney or an overpriced retailer.

Have you reduced your energy bills?

If you adhere to our top 3 home heating hacks you’ll have saved yourself a few bob in the long term and barely spent any money at all in the short term.

If however you still find that your windows or doors are problem areas then give us a call so we can help. Don’t jump straight to replacing them, there may be a solution, there usually is!

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