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  • PVC doors fitted in Cumbria
Discover the perfect blend of affordability and style with our uPVC doors

Our uPVC Composite Doors are a testament to the power of modern technology in home improvement. Offering a unique blend of affordability, style, and security, these doors are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

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  • Superior Thermal Insulation for our PVC doors

    At Keswick Superglaze, our PVC doors come with outstanding double glazing as standard, surpassing most products available in the market. What's remarkable is that our double glazing outperforms triple glazing offered by many of our competitors, giving you unparalleled thermal efficiency. Depending on your specific priorities, we offer tailored options to ensure your windows meet your unique needs. 

    Our standard glass is highly thermally efficient, featuring a warm edge spacer bar, gas-filled cavity, and soft-coated glass. This ensures your home remains warm and comfortable while reducing energy costs.  

  • uPVC Doors: The cost-effective yet stylish door solution

    PVC doors are renowned for their cost-effective qualities. Their initial affordability, when compared to other door materials, makes them a budget-friendly choice. Their durability and minimal maintenance requirements reduce ongoing expenses, making PVC doors a smart and economical investment for any home.

uPVC Doors - Setting the Standard

We understand the importance of customising your windows to suit your specific needs, ensuring your peace of mind. Our uPVC doors are designed to create a thermally efficient and cost-effective living space, delivering comfort while reducing energy costs. Additionally, for those concerned about furniture preservation, our specialised glass offers UV protection that surpasses typical double and triple glazing. 

Living in a noisy area? Our Armor Pane glass is engineered to reduce sound by up to 40%, promoting a peaceful home environment. Security is our priority, and our doors are equipped with upgraded features that exceed the requirements of Secured by Design, the police-approved security standard. With Keswick Superglaze, you can experience the best in tailored uPVC doors that prioritise your needs.