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Create some additional space in your home by installing a top quality conservatory, orangery or extension

Bespoke Spaces Created for you

All of our conservatories are made bespoke to your property, needs and budget. There are many options available to you including:



Our Orangery Roofs create a hybrid roof between a glass conservatory and a solid roof extension. It will create a much more usable space than a room with a full glass roof but may help to let a bit more light in if you are worried about the house feeling dark.


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Our Conservatories help to extend your summers and let you enjoy the garden for more of the year. They are available in glass or polycarbonate with other upgrades available such as an internally plastered pelmet or an external decorative gutter.


Warm roof feature

By far our most popular room is an extension or warm roof which makes a usable room you can use all year round. It can be retro fit onto an existing conservatory or be part of a full new build.

What shapes can be made?

If you have a strange shape to fill or want a feature room which doesn’t conform to normal rectangles then don’t worry – we can make a bespoke product which will fit your requirements.

We specialise in jobs which are both ‘run of the mill’ rectangular bases but also those which are not straight forward and cannot be quoted by our competitors due to their complexity. Our experienced team will take their time and do a full in depth survey to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

How much do they cost?

Due to their bespoke nature this is an impossible question to answer without doing a site survey. It can depend on several things including:

  • type of roof
  • install site including ground structure, pipes and manholes which may need to be moved.
  • frames including required opening, colours and glass
  • size of conservatory
  • access available to the site

It could take as little as a couple of days to install a conservatory roof on to an existing structure. If you require a full base construction as well as the frames and roof (A full new build) then it will take several weeks.

Once one of our advisers has been to your site to assess it and the project you are looking to undertake we will be able to give you a better approximate time scale.

How long do they take to install?

Do I need building regulations and planning permission?

Planning permission may be required depending on where your property, how big the conservatory you are looking to install is and where you are installing it on your property. Often it is best to ask the advice of the local council to put your mind at rest either way. As a rough rule of thumb (many other regulations do come into it) – less than 3m projection from the rear of your property is acceptable.

Building Regulations depends on the type of conservatory you are looking to have. If you are wanting a glass or polycarbonate roof then you probably don’t need them; if you are looking at an orangery or solid roof then you do.

At Keswick Superglaze our helpful team will:

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