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*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.
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*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.

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Need help choosing the right windows for you?

When the time comes to replace the windows, either at home or at any property, you shouldn’t be tied down to or limit yourself to the style of windows you currently have.

This, unfortunately, is all too common a practice and you may be missing out on the considerable benefits a change in form and function can offer.

With so much diversity currently available, in what was previously a pretty sparse marketplace there are a number of choices that will completely change the look, and quite possibly feel, of your home.

Regardless of whether you wish to stick with a traditional aesthetic, or something utilising cutting edge tech and modern finishes, it really is important look at all the options before stumping up your hard earned cash.

Take our Infinity Weld collection for instance, these relatively new additions to our window range offer many of the benefits of a traditional window whilst incorporating some of the most pioneering technology seen in this industry.

They can make a home look and feel very modern yet allow you the opportunity to blend them seamlessly into a period property.

With their cutting-edge sleek corner weld structure, they let you develop a unique design and style statement, and not just from the outside looking in.

Unlike many windows and frames currently available, the inner and exterior framework colours can be individually personalised to create perfect synergy inside and out, perfectly able to reflect the unique characteristics of any property.

They also invite a great deal of natural light via the high quality energy efficient glass, that we use as standard, into any space you choose to utilise them. As such they are quickly becoming a firm favourite among builders of new homes and those looking to renovate.

With forty two unique colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from, and counting, if you want the classical look of timber but without the yearly maintenance and cost the Infinity Weld collection could well be the best choice for you.

Also well worth your consideration wherever ‘ticking all the boxes’ is concerned would be the new R9 collection. The pioneering grain wrap materials used can fool even the hardiest timber enthusiast upon close inspection.

The beauty here is that the R9 finish can be added not only to each of our window ranges but can also be incorporated into our door and conservatory ranges giving you the opportunity of perfect synergy across all aspects of a replacement, new build or renovation project.

As they say, seeing is believing so the best place to start your journey to new windows should be our Windows section on our website – found here. We have extensive galleries for our entire range and enough information on each style to help guide you to the perfect choice for you.

Sometimes though we appreciate it is better to pick up the phone and talk through your options, after all, decisions aren’t always clear cut.

If you’re looking to seek the advice of a time-honoured professional window company, one that appreciates and values your appetite for creativity whilst respecting your chosen budget, give our team of experts a call today.

We can arrange a proper consultation to ensure your exact specifications are met.

We are always here to guide you through every step of the process.

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