R9 Windows

Many of you will no doubt have clicked on this page wondering what R9 is, what it stands for and many other questions besides. Fear not! This is a relatively new product which isn’t quite a household name for the time being but we have a feeling that it will be very shortly!

Essentially R9 (or Residence 9 to give it its proper title!) is a combination of pioneering material and design that can be used for Windows, Doors, Conservatories AND Orangeries. It is very hard wearing and there quite simply isn’t anything quite like it at present. Premium in every sense of the word R9 windows give the look of 19th century timber frames but without the need for regualr paiting and maintenance. We really think you’ll be hard pushed to tell the difference between the R9’s and genuine timber, even up close!

With subtle grain effects and excellent colouring it really does take a well trained eye to tell the difference between the two. Up until now there has been nothing close, just poor quality laminated attempts, much like the kind you find in ‘Faux Timber’ kitchen worktops. You can instantly tell the difference between those and real wood, even from across the room in poor lighting!

So why would you want a wood effect material instead of wood itself? A very good question indeed! Firstly, as we mentioned briefly before, the maintenance on these beautiful windows is minimal at worst. No need for sanding down, varnishing and/or painting after a good weather beating, just wipe clean occasionally (if you feel the need to) and they’ll stay as is just like the day they were installed. When it comes to the frame designs the R9 is a feature packed beast leaving no stone unturned.

Regardless of whether you are after a classical look or an uber modern finish we have you covered. Everything Georgian Bars to Authentic Butt Hinges all produced utilising the highest standards of modern manufacturing and energy conscious (Read: Extremely efficient!) methods. Should you wish, you can also get the R9 frames in a huge array of colours, which if you ask me have the same premium look and feel to the much lauded Farrow & Ball paints. Like we’ve mentioned, these are premium in every sense of the word. Classy, modern design destined to stand the test of time whilst helping to keep those energy bills down.

Quite simply stunning. Windows the way they’re meant to be. If you’d like any further information on any aspect of the R9 product feel free to get in touch with us or come and visit one of our showrooms to see them in action.