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*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.


*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.
*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.
*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.

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Terms and conditions

1. This Agreement is between Keswick Superglaze herein after called The Company and
the Purchaser or Customer. The goods to be supplied under this agreement are to be
purpose-made specifically for the Customer and consequently cannot be used
2. The outstanding balance shown overleaf shall be payable to the Company seven days
prior to the installation. Cheques should be made payable to Keswick Superglaze Ltd.
3a. The work to be carried out is limited to that specifically mentioned overleaf. Verbal
agreements are of no effect unless shown overleaf under special requirements. Any
variation from the original agreement details may be chargeable upon the Company’s
discretion. The Agreement is conditional on the Company’s part on our surveyor’s
approval of the works; we reserve the right to make any modifications necessary
following this survey. The Company reserves the right to cancel this Agreement at any
point following survey. The quoted price overleaf assumes the structural integrity of the
apertures where the products are to be fitted. Any building work or repairs which are
found to be necessary either during the survey or installation are chargeable. Survey
however means measurement survey. The Company does not undertake to inspect the
property beyond the area immediately adjacent to the perimeter of the appropriate
3b. There are occasions, due to unforeseen circumstances, when additional work
may be required. For example: foundation depth over 600mm, drains running under
conservatory bases, roofs etc. If extra work is required this will incur an additional cost.
Unfortunately, we will be unable to continue with the contract until the cost of any extras
have been agreed and paid in full.
4. Delivery dates given by the company are a guide only and time shall not be of the
essence on the Company’s part. The Company will notify the manufacturers of the
installation date, but even this may be affected by the inclement weather and unforeseen
problems arising on prior jobs. Customers will be kept informed of delays, but no claims
can be accepted by the Company for delays or consequential losses, however caused.
Any time of performance requirements of the Company must be stated overleaf.
5. The Customer agrees to give free access to the Company’s workmen and supervisors to
carry out all elements of the said installation. If such access is not given within 7 days of
the Customer being notified in writing that the products are ready for installation then the
Customer shall be liable to pay to the Company the cash balance outstanding within a
further 7 days. All installation areas must be cleared of all furniture/ornaments prior to the
fitting date, Keswick Superglaze cannot be held responsible for any damage to these
6. All goods shall remain the property of the Company until they are paid for in full by the
7a. Keswick Superglaze does not undertake to move or refit services following installation:
services, fixtures or fittings which are ancillary to the basic structure of the property, e.g.
radiators, pipes, electricity, telephone or television cables, blinds or curtains. If requested
to undertake any such work, Keswick Superglaze will not be held responsible for any
damage or rectification work needed. On occasion, it may not be possible to reinstall
these items following installation (such as blinds on a warm roof installation due to the
change in roof height). Keswick Superglaze cannot be held responsible for this or any
costs incurred to alter/renew them.
7b. Keswick Superglaze will endeavour to ensure that the works match existing finishes but
will not be liable for non-matching of existing materials due to weather or any other
factors. Keswick Superglaze cannot guarantee the matching of external specialist
finishes such as pebble-dashing, tyrolean, render, k-render or similar materials. When
variations occur in existing plaster lines Keswick Superglaze cannot guarantee that
equal amounts of sub frame will be visible all round.
7c. Keswick Superglaze will make good minor damage caused to plaster/render as part of
the installation with PvC trims. Keswick Superglaze also cannot guarantee to avoid
causing damage to tiles in the same area. No plaster/render work or similar will be
undertaken as part of the installation unless expressly stated overleaf. On occasion
loose plaster/render may fall off in the vicinity of the installation, it is the Purchasers
responsibility to make this good and also any damage to the tiles. It is also the
Purchaser’s responsibility to re-paint or decorate as required; this also applies during any
future service work.
7d. Keswick Superglaze will not commit to remove any existing frames, glass or secondary
double glazing frames intact or without causing damage to their surroundings.
7e. All materials removed during the course of the installation will be cleared from site and
cannot be retrieved thereafter. Any products which are to be retained should be
expressly stated on the contract.
7f. The customer acknowledges that the work undertaken by The Company can cause a lot
of dust. Although the immediate area will be covered during the installation, it is the
Customers responsibility to cover anything they do not want to leave exposed to dust.
8. The Customer acknowledges that condensation is dependent upon a number of variable
factors, some of which may be favourably affected by the installation of double glazing
and some may not. The Company therefore does not guarantee that the installation of
double glazing will affect the incidence of condensation.
9. The Company cannot be held responsible for imperfections caused by the manufacturing
process of glass nor for any breakage of glass once installed. In the case of dispute, the
Glass & Glazing Federation standards for glass quality guidelines will apply.
10. No specific representation regarding performance of double glazing shall be made
unless expressly stated overleaf (including sound reduction).
11. Demonstration/Showroom windows, doors and other products are used to demonstrate
the working of a typical product and its composition is not necessarily the same products
customers will receive. Product components may be changed by the company without
prior notice to the customer.
12. The styles on the order are viewed from outside with the ‘arrow’ on any opening product
pointing towards the hinge side; appropriate window proportions will be determined by
the surveyor unless marked on the contract to the contrary. This also includes all leaded
and Georgian items.
13. Where manufacturing sizes are supplied by the Purchaser, those sizes will be taken as
correct and any subsequent inaccuracies which result in the manufacture of an incorrect
size will result in an additional charge being levied against the Purchaser for correct size
14. Keswick Superglazes’ guarantees are stated below – in some circumstances the
manufacturer offers a longer guarantee which the Purchaser should liaise directly with
the manufacturer to utilise. Keswick Superglaze cannot be held to manufacturer
guarantees or any guarantees specified on any literature including but not limited to:
online, in brochures or technical specifications.
14a. The Manufacturer guarantees white UPVC products for a period of 10 years from the
contract date. Aluminium, woodgrain & coloured UPVC products, woodgrain door panels
and bi-fold doors for a period of 5 years from the date of contract.
14b. Wood windows are guaranteed by the manufacturer, 5 years against fungal attack, 2
year warranty against paint defects, 5 year sealed units. Maintenance must be carried
out on all products as suggested in the manufacturers guidance to receive the
guarantee. Non compliance with this guidance voids all guarantees.

14c.The Glass Manufacturer guarantees standard insulating glass for a period of 10 years.
Leaded units, georgian bars, gold lead and coloured units for 5 years. Roof glass is
guaranteed for 5 years. Please note when removing glazed units there may, on occasion,
be some minor damage to the beads and surrounding frame – this would not be changed
or repaired as part of the guarantee.
14d. Door panels and glass sealed units within UPVC panels are guaranteed by the
Manufacturer against sealed unit failure for a period of 5 years.
14e. Composite doors and sealed units in a composite door have a five year Manufacturer’s
guarantee. The colour fastness of composite doors is guaranteed for a period of 12
14f. The time period for the Manufacturer’s guarantee for hardware, (including, but not limited
to, handles, catches, espagnolette mechanisms, hinges, gaskets and letterboxes) is for
a period of twelve months. This is because such fittings may be subject to substantial
wear and tear and premature corrosion can be caused by pollutants in the atmosphere
where anodised products are used.
14g. With respect to garage doors, all items are guaranteed by the Manufacturer for a period
of one year.
14h. The Guarantee applies to the domestic customers only. Guarantees in respect of
commercial contracts will be for a period of six months from the date of this Contract.
14i. Any guarantee will only take effect once full settlement of the contract has taken place.
14j. Any flat, felt or fibreglass roof has a 12 month guarantee.
14k. Conservatory bases: The workmanship of the base for a period of 5 years, but the
Company cannot be held liable for subsistence caused by nature.
14l. No Guarantee can be given in relation to the colour fastness/life expectancy of coloured
leaded sealed units.
14m.Any electrical equipment has a 12 months Guarantee.
14n. The company guarantees fascia and soffit installations, gutters and fixings, for a period
of one year. This is to include colour fastness.
14o. Guarantees do not cover accidental damage or breakage of glass how-so ever caused
and the Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for normal wear and tear, misuse of the
products or failure to comply with maintenance as detailed in the Manufacturer’s
aftercare leaflet.
14p. The Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for extreme weather conditions. Low
wheelchair threshold cannot be guaranteed against water penetration.
14q. All guarantees commence from the contract date, are not transferable, and only remain
valid whilst the customer remains in occupation of the property.
14r. Plastering is guaranteed for 12 months and must be allowed to fully dry before painting.
On occasion the plaster may crack, this is normal and should be filled by the customer
with pollyfiller or similar. The company will not redecorate as stated in 7c.
14s. Warm roofs are guaranteed for 5 years, and by the manufacturer for 10 years. Glass and
polycarbonate roofs have a guarantee of 5 years. Gutters and roof line products are
guaranteed as stated in 14n.
14t. Lead flashings in solid (none cavity) walls are not guaranteed against water ingress due
to their nature.
15. As part of the installation some products may not be an exact match to the products
installed. Keswick Superglaze will endeavour to get a close match however this cannot
be guaranteed. This includes, but is not limited to mastic/silicone, trims, render colours,
panel colours, frame colours compared to door slab colours.
16. Orders signed awaiting Building Society loan carry the full standard terms and
conditions. The Customer is deemed to have made their best endeavours to obtain funds
and the Company reserves the right to obtain funds for them at normal commercial rates
if their own efforts fail.
17. A contract signed by the Customer subject to a third party Agreement of finance is
binding on the Customer and will only be nullified by the Company upon receipt of a
satisfactory document showing the third party’s unwillingness to forward the monies for
which the Customer has applied. The Customer understands that a letter of acceptance
by the third party must be sent to the Company within 60 days of the date of this contract
otherwise the Company is entitled to go ahead with the Contract on the assumption that
the customer has arranged his/her finance.
18. All terms of the contract between the Purchaser and the Company are contained in this
document. No representation or warranties are made or given by the company save as
appear herein. No variation of or addition to the work specified in the Schedule shall have
effect unless agreed in writing.
19. The total cost stated on the contract is the total amount which must be paid. No
contracted amount can be used in conjunction with any other or future promotional
offers. For example, if the ‘VAT free’ sale is running (which in effect is a 20% discount
from retail price) this will already have been accounted for in the total cost stated. To
comply with the relevant regulations VAT still needs to be charged (which is included in
the total cost and is not additional), hence the total cost figure is not subject to another
20% discount.
20. Amount outstanding fourteen days after the Invoice date will attract interest at 6% above
the Bank Base Rate of National Westminster Bank plc.
21. All trade/supply “Do it yourself” contracts are strictly covered by the separate terms and
conditions of supply, as published in the Company’s trade price list.
22. Compliance with Laws and Regulations It is a condition of this contract that the
PURCHASER ensures that every applicable statutory order or bye law is complied with
and that local authority planning permission is obtained and complied with. The
Company shall not be liable for any delay, cancellation, loss or damage arising out of the
Purchaser’s breach of this condition. It is also the purchasers responsibility to notify and
pay building regulation fees in conservation areas (FENSA may not apply), article 4
areas or if the building is listed.
23. Keswick Superglaze’s privacy policy can be found on the website –
24. Notice of Right to Cancel:
The Customer has the absolute right to cancel this contract by completion of the
notification on the contract and returning this slip to our Registered Office within 14 days of the
contract date.
N.B. The customer will remain liable for any goods or services received before the end
of the cancellation period. Deposit is non-refundable.