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Create a usable space with a Keswick Superglaze Warmroof

Our Warmroof is extremely popular creating a 12 month usable space and are fit to both new and existing conservatories. If you close your conservatory off is the winter, move out when its raining due to noise or cant stand the heat in the summer then you are not making the most of your room. We can upgrade it to not only make a more usable room but also add value to your home.

Too HOT in summer


Too COLD in winter

How does a warmroof compare to a conservatory?

An upgrade to a warmroof could be for you. Compare glass, polycarbonate and our warm roof below








Building Regulations required?

Planning Permission required?

Property and size dependant*

Approximate Installation Time

2 days

3 days

5 days

For more information on if you would need planning permission visit the planning portal website.

frequently asked questions for a Warmroof

The Short answer is no, some of the big differences are listed below. It is always best to speak to one of our experienced advisers to ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Are All Warmroofs the Same?

Why choose Keswick Superglaze?

We have worked with a manufacturer to design a warmroof with a unique specification to us. No one else fits a roof to a standard as high as ours in the whole UK. There are three main aspects to our roof. Firstly the timber based structure, secondly the bespoke ventilation gaps and most importantly a hi-tech mesh matting. This provides an airgap ensuring the warmroof outlasts all of our competitors. We have many samples in our showroom which is based in Kwsick. You can see first hand our unique warmroof system and then you can make an informed decision.

There is a huge difference in U-Value between polycarbonate, glass and solid roofs. This means that they let substantially different amounts of heat escape in winter, and into the room in summer. We often get feedback from customers that it has transformed how they use their conservatory, usually making it their main entertaining and relaxing room.

Will it make a difference to the room?

What does a Warmroof look like on the inside?

We have experienced plasterers to apply the finishing touches inside. They install a protective covering to the windows to ensure they don’t get any plaster on them, then skilfully apply tape and angle beads before plastering the ceiling. Depending on the shape of your conservatory they can also curve the ceiling.

The warmoof system is constructed fully with timber which is then insulated, ventilated, plastered internally and waterproofed with a breathable membrane and tiles externally. After assessing many other roof constructions, including many aluminium supported roofs, the solid timber construction is the only viable option for the area we live in.

What is the Warmroof made out of?

Does a Warmroof installation need building regulations?

Many installers only get building regulations approval for their roof in principle, this means that no one actually checks the standard your roof is installed to. We ensure every single solid roof installations is individually inspected by an independent regulated body so you have peace of mind that it is installed to the correct standard. You will also get a building regulations certificate when the job is complete.

These type of roofs are a light weight alternative to their real tile and slate counter parts, however they do have some weight to them and they need some supports to ensure that it is structurally sound. We ensure corner posts, jacking sets and structural brackets are installed on every job as needed to ensure we never have any issues.

Is a Warmroof Heavy?

Can I use my existing frames?

If your frames currently work then chances are you can use your existing frames, although you definitely will need additional support to take the additional weight of the roof. We install structural posts as needed on every job so you can rest easy knowing it is completed to the correct standard.

All of our roofs are made bespoke to your property and project so it is impossible to price with out attending site to fully assess it. They are more costly than glass and polycarbonate roofs, but it will give you a much more temperature regulated room. If you are comparing prices between different options it is worth coming to our Keswick showroom to see samples of the roof so you can see exactly what you are getting for your money.

The big one ... how much will a Warmroof cost?

light green frames with slate warmroof and velux windows

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