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Roof Line

Following a survey by one of our experts we can suggest the best way to renew your fascia, soffits and gutters.

Cap over

If your existing wooden fascias and soffits have peeling paint but the actual timber is still alright, then we can cap them over with PvC fascias and soffits them to ensure they don’t get any further weather on them. Even if some sections are rotten we can normally splice a new piece of timber in so the new PvC is fully secured to your property.

For a full refurbishment we can fully remove your existing fascias and soffits and replace them with new PvC ones. This is a much larger job then capping them over, however in some circumstances the existing ones may not be usable. 

Full removal


We would recommend replacing gutters for both cap over and full removal roof line work.

This is a difficult question and would always need a site visit to assess. We do have some tower scaffolding available for us to use, however for 2 story buildings or work on dormers you will normally need it.


At Keswick Superglaze our helpful team will: