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*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.
*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.
*terms and conditions apply. see offers page.

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Kubu Smart Lock

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Our new infinity range of doors are due a SMART LOCK UPGRADE! From July all new orders placed* will come KUBU READY, so the next big question… What is KUBU?

What is KUBU?

Well we have looked extensively into smart lock systems and have decided that a fully automated lock was a fantastic idea but had a lot of worrying security drawbacks – that’s where KUBU comes in. This system doesn’t actually operate the door lock but informs the user if a door is locked, unlocked and even reminds you to lock the door if you leave the house and it is still open.

The user friendly app is easy to install and understand and operate meaning it can be used by anyone.

All that is needed will be to purchase a Kubu chip, we will install the chip FOR FREE* and ensure the system is fully set up in your home. See the release video below:

Our Avantis lock

Avantis lock

We have recently added the Avantis lock to our PvC and Infinity Composite door ranges. This is one of the most secure locks on the market with multi point locking, cylinder guard and anti tamper devices included as standard. It is so secure that if you are broken into through one of the Avantis doors locks they will actually pay a cash sum directly to you of £1000. 

The only other way they will get in is if you leave the door open – that’s where our Kubu smart lock fits in.

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