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Our RAUM brand signifies luxury and style, giving you confidence all RAUM products are designed to offer superior aesthetics, operate smoothly and are also built to last.

Types of aluminium

Our Aluminium range is available in 3 styles:

RAUM Windows

RAUM Doors

Secondary Glazing

RAUM Round Window
Ali bifolds with umbrella
Secondary Sliding Sash

Benefits of aluminium

One of the biggest benefits of aluminium is the size which it can be manufactured up to. PvC and Timber are fantastic and quality products, but can be limited when trying to create a statement piece with extremely large pieces of glass.

Aluminium products also have some fantastic finishes which are smooth and extremely hard wearing. We now offer a complimentary smooth anthracite grey finish in our PvC range of colours to compliment the aluminium. On a single project you can alternate seamlessly between our different products.

At Keswick Superglaze our helpful team will: