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Is the Kitchen the ‘Heart Of The Home’?

It’s a strange thought but ever since we launched our new kitchen range its something I’ve spent a fair bit of time mulling over. Maybe its just me but I’d never heard the phrase before, that was until I visited a long term customer to measure for a new Kitchen design.

Whilst going through some options she looked up at me, smiling broadly, and said ‘I don’t mind paying more when it concerns the heart of the home’. It took a moment to fully understand what she meant by it if I’m honest! When I got back to the office I asked if anyone else had heard the saying before and was of course greeted by a resounding ‘Yes’.

Being primarily a Windows, Conservatories (and Doors) company in beautiful Cumbria, I’ve naturally always put a lot of focus into the importance of these areas. For me, a conservatory has always been my favoured destination in the home. A great spot to relax, unwind and soak in the rolling countryside whilst comfy and warm, I love it! If we weren’t spoilt by such a breathtaking local landscape though, would I be as enamoured? Like I say, this phrase really got me thinking!

Fast forward a few days and I was at a friend’s party talking with an architect and he added more (Intentional pun alert!) ‘food for thought’. He mentioned that when contracted to design a bespoke home the client generally ends up building the house around the kitchen. He was also quick to add that this is, and will always, be the most expensive room in the home.

Once you’ve totted up the various appliances, cabinets, worktops, multitude of electrical points, plumbing, ventilation (and more) you’re well into the biggest portion of the budget. Even if you spent a small fortune on a cinema room or pool room, or whatever really, the kitchen would always trump it in the end with frequent supermarket trips and running costs.

He went on to say, quite smugly if I’m honest, ‘Look at where we’re standing right now….’ (We were stood in the kitchen, where the vast majority of the guests were too) ‘…there must be a reason why people always end up in the kitchen at parties.’

It’s fair to say he had a point, and one very well made!

I’ll admit it, I may have understated the important role the kitchen plays in my, and all of our lives. Not just the obvious food prep and social aspect but also in the fact that this is largely where we deal with most household waste, is also commonly the jumping off point for cleaning the house and you’ll hear that around 70% of getting fit is in the kitchen, not in the gym.

Ultimately credit is given where credit is due and I’ve seen this household space in a new light over the last few months. Don’t understate its importance like I did and show it the full respect it deserves when you’re planning or seeking a new kitchen.

As my mum used to say ‘The kitchen is where boys are made men and girls are made ladies’.

I wasn’t entirely sure what she meant by that as a kid. Rest assured, I finally do.

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