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What is a Warm Roof and why do I need one?

What is a Warmroof? For this month’s blog post we thought we’d shed some light on a fairly new product which few people truly know about and even fewer are actually offering. As always you can trust our goodselves at Keswick Superglaze to be ahead of the curve! What we’re

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Should You Re-Glaze Your Windows?

If your existing double glazed windows are getting old, the question may arise as to whether you should re-glaze them. Here in the UK we have a persistent problem with condensation that lasts for the best part of half a year, every year. This can cause degradation of your glazed

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Why am I getting lots of condensation on my windows?

When the time comes to crank up the thermostat inside because of the plummeting temperatures outside there are many positive outcomes but also a few negative ones. The main issue that we get asked a lot of questions about is that of condensation. When its warmer inside then it is

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How do I treat my doors for winter? We show you how

With winter now upon us it’s not just Christmas and festive cheer you should concern yourself with. The inevitable cold snaps can have a hugely detrimental effect on your home, specifically on any timber doors at your premises. With the, at times rapidly, changing weather this can cause major stresses

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Need help choosing the right windows for you?

When the time comes to replace the windows, either at home or at any property, you shouldn’t be tied down to or limit yourself to the style of windows you currently have. This, unfortunately, is all too common a practice and you may be missing out on the considerable benefits

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Why Buy An Orangery Or A Conservatory?

It seems that when the sun is out to play people want to find a way to be seamlessly in, and out, of their garden without being fully ‘indoors’. Not a surprise then that when the mercury starts to rise, so do our enquiries for Orangeries and Conservatories, which is

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