Back to Business as usual

Back in Business!

We are very pleased to say that we are now fully open for business again including sales and appointments. During this uncertain time, we are still very committed to the health and safety of our customers, and to helping reduce the spread of Covid 19. To help do our bit we have placed PPE at all of our sites and also in our showrooms. This includes sanitiser and protection screens in our showroom. We also have a variety of PPE for the workers that will be visiting residencies, to ensure that both our employees and our customers are as safe as possible.


Green Homes Grant

We were also very excited to hear Chancellor Rishi Sunak announce the news that there will be a £3 billion green package. This new initiative is one of many that the government announced to help the UK recover from the coronavirus pandemic. In this green package households have been promised up to £10,000 in government funds to use towards making their homes more energy efficient. This Green Home Grant is expected to save 600,000 households around £300 a year on energy bills, which is a huge annual saving. The grant will be able to be used on things like double glazing and insulating your home more efficiently. Households are expected to be able to start applying for these vouchers from September.

We will be posting everything you need to know about the green homes scheme soon!

Kick Start Apprentice Scheme

Another scheme that Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced is the Kick Start scheme, which has been created to help generate more jobs for young people and to help combat the expected high unemployment rate after coronavirus. In light of this news we will be looking to take on some apprentices very soon as we would love to use this opportunity to help young people gain some hands-on experience and kick start their career. Look out for more posts from us to find out how you or someone you know can apply!

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