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What should I do if my Solar Panel Company has gone bust?


With the leading two solar businesses having gone bust back in October where does it leave people who have solar panel systems installed?


What has happened so far?


The big two solar installation companies have brought in the administrators and after making thousands of installs up and down the country are now fully defunct – Mark Group and Climate Energy. This is of course terrible news for anyone who has used their services especially if you have paid out a big deposit just for work to be left half-finished or not even started.

What happens if I’ve paid a deposit and the work hasn’t started / is incomplete?


Firstly if you’ve paid out a deposit, it’s likely by now you have hammered the phone, littered their inbox and postbox with emails and letters to no avail. Unfortunately, your chances of getting any money back is now very bleak as I’m sure you’ll have realised by now.

If you have unfinished work though all is not lost. In many cases that we have been called out to, it can simply be a case of making final checks and connecting it up. In this case you can easily benefit from the solar energy you wanted and for only a small fee. Certainly a much smaller fee than getting a firm up there to rip off all the work completed. You should certainly continue and get it connected. We can complete the work and register your system for you.

If more work is required to get the set up working then we can fully cater for all needs. We’ve been setting up and installing Solar panels from the beginning and unlike the majority we are still here to fix, maintain, upgrade or even remove should you wish.

I have solar panelling installed will I get my feed-in tariff payments still?


Absolutely, if your system was already registered and working, your feed-in tariff payments will still be paid as per your agreement. Feed-in tariffs are paid by your electrical energy supplier, so your company going bust won’t affect any of this.

We appreciate that there may be many more questions that need answering, so give us a call today and we can send someone out to assess the situation properly.

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