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Residence 9

Our Residence 9 range is our timber style window which is deeper than most on the market and has a variety of joints, colours and glazing options available.


Our R9 range gives an elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior to create a classic aesthetic. Due to being a PvC window it is almost maintenance free, only needing occasional wiping clean and the mechanisms oiled.

The Country Pile (2)
Edwardian Splendour (10)
Edwardian Splendour (5)
Infinity Flush Joint Close Up English Oak

Available Joints

The outer frame on our R9 range is always mechanically jointed (screwed together) to give it an authentic look. The sash which opens can either be mechanically jointed to match, or upgraded to our infinity finish so it is almost invisible

Glazing Options

Due to being 100mm depth window as opposed to the average 70mm on the market, this is one of the only windows available to install a good triple glazed unit in. If you really need a low U-value this could be the window for you.

Our double glazing is always upgraded with warm edge spacer bars, argon gas and soft coatings so which ever option you choose you can rest easy knowing your home will stay warm.

Bespoke (6)

R9 Colour Options

Other Features

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