Get Creative With Our Door Designer

It is always more satisfying when you get to have complete creative control over a project, be it a renovation or a simple painting job. Getting exactly what you want, without compromise, can’t really be beat can it?

We certainly don’t think so!

For this reason we decided to offer our customers a unique opportunity to flex their creative muscles.

The way in which this has manifested itself is via our industry-leading, and incredibly easy to use Door Designer

Never has it been so easy to create a wealth of different designs so quickly from the comfort of your own home!

Put together as many designs as you’d like and then submit them to us from the same web page you created them on.

We’ll then have a look at your specifications and come back to with a competitive price we think you’ll find more than fair!

Are you up for the challenge of creating your perfect entrance door?

If so, you’re only 5 steps away from realising your vision, well 6 if you include clicking on the link to our Door Designer below.


Step 1

Choose the style of door you’d like to work with. There are many options for you to choose from. Why not try out a few of your favourite styles and narrow them down after, or put them to the family vote!


Step 2

Now it’s time to choose your front-facing colour. By front facing we mean the side of the door that your postman. You won’t be stuck for choice so again, a vote might be in order, this won’t dictate what colour the internal side of the door is because…


Step 3

… you can have a different colour on the inside! This is perfect if you want to keep in tune with the colour scheme inside. Some people like to go for a similar colour as their hall as this creates the illusion of extra space. On the other hand a different colour gives complete contrast adding striking definition that you may prefer. Vote time again?


Steps 4 & 5

Now that the aesthetic has been decided on, all that is left is to decide which side you want the hinge on and whether the door opens inward or outward. Then you’re done!

All that’s left to do is submit your designs to us, via the tab on the right hand side of your screen.

It really couldn’t be any easier to get the entrance door of your dreams.

Now that you’re fully versed and raring to go, just click here to begin.