Although PvC is our ‘bread and butter’, we still have a lot of customers who prefer wooden products in their home or have to use wood to comply with certain planning regulations.

Our timber  doors are made from engineered* Scandinavian softwood, but you can also choose hardwood or aluminium clad for highly exposed areas. There are a wide variety of finishes which can be chosen and, similarly to our PvC products, they can be made to any RAL colour.

When painted the thickness will be approximately 100 microns thick – to put this in perspective, this thin sprayed layer will be equal to 10 coats of brushed paint. You shouldn’t have to re-paint your windows or doors within the first 10 years from purchase, so it is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 8 years (opaque coatings) and a massive 30 years against fungal attack!

Now you have peace of mind regarding the quality of the product and guarantees offered, the range of wooden products we offer is almost as extensive as our PvC:


– French doors

– Sliding doors

– Sliding sash windows

– Casement windows

– Or even a bespoke design to any specification…


* Engineered timber is when sections wood are cut to remove defects such as knots. They are then glued and/or finger-jointed together with the timber layered so that the grain goes in different directions. This gives the wood a better finish and also provides extra stability resulting in a longer lasting product.

The Glass

After using the highest quality frames, we need glass to the same standard. From Durham, our manufacturer has been established for over 50 years. They are also constantly investing in new products meaning they are at the pinnacle of what is possible.

Check out the video below which shows how a new glass innovation can actually change opacity depending on the environment! This is possible due to an electric current passing through the glass.

Dynamic Solar Control Glass

Our benchmark starts at an A +, so there is not extra cost to upgrade. On all of our glass units* we use a warm spacer bar. This is a little bit more expensive than a standard aluminium one, however it is one of the biggest leaps forward in glass and glazing over the last few decades – it is approximately 1000 times better! You may have noticed a condensation patch around the edges of your window and this is partly due to that spacer bar transferring heat better than the glass. Our warm spacer bar will greatly improve this phenomenon.

We also tailor aspects of the glass further depending on what our customers want to get from their product.


– Is your furniture fading?

– Nearby road too noisy?

– Sun makes the room unbearably hot?

…We can offer glass which will mitigate all of these.


As an example, a standard double glazed unit will block out approximately 60% of UV rays, so 40% gets through and fades your carpets and furniture. We can install our ‘Armour Pane’ glass which stops 98% of these harmful rays!

We can also fit triple glazed units, however we feel that it is only in certain circumstances where the benefits of it would outweigh the drawbacks, double glazed units often out perform triple! Ask one of our salesman and they will be happy to discuss this as part of the quotation process.

* Unless the glass is to match existing windows